Artwork for a Historic Building

We’re at the finish line of another big hospitality project and we are getting really excited for the doors to open at Calgary’s newest hotspot, the Bank and Baron Pub! This project was really interesting design-wise because it is located in a historic building on Stephen Avenue Mall here in Calgary. The former Bank of Nova Scotia was built in the 1930’s and has many of the original architectural details, light fixtures and bank paraphernalia still intact. When it came to the finishing touch of decor we were running tight on budget and finding something with the right flavour was proving to be tricky. Then, it hit us…why not have the incredible original elements photographed and used as artwork?!  The entire building is massive, so we decided to focus on capturing the small details that might be missed because of the overwhelming scale of the old bank. We hired the very talented Suzanne Elizabeth Photography  and had the images printed in sepia to give them a historic, eerie feel. The result is stunning! Here is a sneak peek of some of the photos. For the full effect come on down to the Bank and Baron Pub. Take a look at the artwork and see if you can spot where it was photographed throughout the building!


Photography by Suzanne Elizabeth Photography



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