Behind the Scenes of a Kitchen Photo Shoot

When we have finished a project we like to snap a few photos for our portfolio, the blog and also to send out to different media outlets for potential publication. These photo shoots are fun to do but very time-consuming. Each scene is carefully laid out, lit and accessorized to draw the viewer’s attention to the details of the interior. We have a lot of fun when we are doing a shoot and I thought I would share what goes on behind the scenes with you.

These photos are from a very recent shoot we did to document a French Country Kitchen we recently completed.  The kitchen is spectacular and a cooks dream! We are going to enter it into a kitchen design contest hosted by Sub Zero and Wolfe appliances. This contest recognizes not only the best kitchen design in Western Canada, but across North America too. This particular kitchen really is a miraculous transformation and one that was a lot of fun to design. Our client had a vision of a traditional but updated style and was thrilled with how we managed to capture that in our kitchen design.

Here I am arranging some flowers before the shoot. Flowers are a must in a photo shoot! There is just nothing better to add instant colour and texture. One of the arrangements for this photo shoot was featured in a previous blog post I wrote called “How to Make and Easy Floral Arrangement” .


Miriam and Meghan, who are associate designers at my Calgary Interior Design firm, Corea Sotropa, are placing some accessories on the mantle above the range.  Nice job ladies!


A final clean up before the bulbs start to flash!


Every detail has to be just right. Here I am adjusting the blinds behind the kitchen table.


Because we are entering this kitchen into a contest, we need to clearly illustrate where the appliances are. We wanted to prop open the fridge so that you could see where it was in the kitchen. Miriam had to get down on the floor and hold open the door.  Talk about dedication to your work!


Thanks Miriam! The shot turned out great! We even go so far as to organize the contents of the fridge so that it looks nice in the picture.


I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek behind the scenes!


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