Rosemont Residence: Living Room, Nook & Kitchen

This project was definitely one for the books…actually, it was even one for the magazines! This unique space was featured on the cover of the February issue of Avenue Magazine, alongside our beautiful client Jill Carlsen from The Upside. We were thrilled to work together with Jill to bring her vision to life throughout the home. […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

The Second Marda Loop Bathroom

Welcome back! A few weeks ago we showcased this main floor Marda Loop Powder Room project that we completed for our design-savvy clients. We were originally hired by these clients to renovate their master ensuite bathroom, but we are saving those photos as a surprise when they will be revealed in the September issue of Style at […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Parkdale Master Bedroom Reveal

First we revealed the main floor, and next the three kid’s bedrooms – now it’s time for you to see the Parkdale Estate master bedroom! We are thrilled that this project was also featured in the June and December issues of Western Living Magazine. This space was pretty much empty when we arrived so we started […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Wentworth Estate Master Bedroom

This week on the blog we are showing you the final project in our Wentworth Estate blog series! Our client had been wanting to renovate her master bedroom for a while and after seeing her main floor makeover and her completed office space, designed by our In House senior designer Alanna, she called us back in to work […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Marda Loop Powder Room

It’s safe to say that everybody loves a good before and after… and this one is going to blow you away! These returning clients were so content with the master bathroom renovation by Reena and Alanna that they asked us to come back and design every bathroom in their house! This post unveils their main […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

The Discovery Ridge Office + Martini Room

The martini lounge and the office just across the hall from the lounge, designed by Reena, is one that we have been so excited to share with you! Incidentally, you can also check out this project and some of the 2018 design trends that it illustrates so beautifully, in the December issue of Western Living Magazine. Often […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

The Best of 2017

Cheers + Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 was incredible, to say the least. A few of our projects were published (ahh!), we moved into our cozy new design home, we were asked to design some amazing spaces for some pretty amazing clients and that’s just the cherry on top of an unforgettable year. So let’s say […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Wentworth Estate Office

We promised to show you more from this gorgeous Wentworth Estate project, and today we’re going to do just that! Welcome to the home office makeover designed by Alanna, our talented senior designer. Our client was yearning for a space where she could relax and escape from the day-to-day stresses of life and we stepped […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Parkdale Estate: Kids Bedrooms

We’re going to dive right into this week’s fun and fantastic blog by showcasing a very special project for three very special littles. We had previously worked on this gorgeous Parkdale Estate residence, which was featured in Western Living Magazine, and this time we were tasked with the extremely important job of designing three children’s […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>