Meet Reena

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to meet the beautiful face behind the name and the #BossLady herself, Reena Sotropa! Reena is an outstanding interior designer and that is just one (very important) bullet point on her lengthy repertoire of talents and qualities. Reena is a small town Saskatchewan gal with big city style! She moved […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Wentworth Estate

Hi, Everyone! We’ve missed you. This week we’re going to shine the spotlight on our Wentworth Estate project. Our clients are a family of four with two teenagers and two wiener dogs (#FamilyGoals) who came to us shortly after moving into their new home and needed some help furnishing the space. Having an open concept […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Discovery Ridge Residence: The Living Room

You know that feeling you get when you know something’s just not right, but you can’t put your finger on the problem? Well, sometimes you just have to call in the professionals! Our client had just finished a fairly substantial refresh of her home and was part way through the process of furnishing when she […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Parkdale Estate

It is always a wonderful day when a former client reaches out to enlist the help of your team for a second time. Our clients were thrilled to tell us that they were building a new custom home with Veranda Estate Homes in the Calgary inner-city neighbourhood of Parkdale and we were just as excited […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Meet Alanna

If you’ve ever been to our Instagram page and wondered, “who curates this beautiful feed?” then the cat’s out of the bag (and she’s probably cuddling it)…meet Alanna! Managing our social media accounts, together with Reena, is merely the tip of the iceberg for our hard-working and dedicated senior designer. Alanna is a born and […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

North Glenmore Park

  In this, our last instalment of the North Glenmore Park project (you can see the others here, here, and here) we take a look at the bathrooms on the second floor. As with the rest of the project, the upstairs baths feature pops of colour that explode against a backdrop of creamy neutral paint […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Summer Highlights

It has been a crazy (crazy, amazing! craz-mazing?) year and just because the temperature was rising, didn’t mean there was any reason to slow down! If you’re anything like us, summer is chock-full of projects and goal-crushing. We can’t believe that it’s coming to an end but we most definitely look back on Summer 2017 […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

North Glenmore Park

  When we last visited the North Glenmore Park residence,  we showcased the use of sumptuous and bold colour.  The theme continues as we look at the powder room, mud room and laundry room in this beautiful home. This lovely powder room was featured in the May 2017 issue of Western Living magazine (pg 44). We […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Meet Ania

Our  office here at Reena Sotropa In House Design in Calgary is a bustling hub of activity – deliveries, ringing phones, clients coming and going, design meetings, deadlines – the list goes on and on.  Helping to keep us all on track is our oganizational and list making guru, Junior Designer Ania. We first met […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>