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Thanks to Mother Nature, what started as a request for a small re-fresh became a massive reno in this Riverdale home,  Thankfully, none of the pieces on the second floor were damaged by the Calgary flood in 2016 but since the rest of the home was being redone, our lovely clients decided to give the master suite a fresh new look.

As with the main floor reno,  many of the beautiful existing pieces of furniture in the bedroom were simply re-finished or re-upholstered to create a whole new look.

Custom drapery

We created a sitting area within the bedroom including a TV as a space to read and relax. The sofa was an old hand-me down piece from our client’s mum. Principal designer Reena Sotropa convinced them to keep it and made it over with new paint and upholstery.  Now it is a favourite place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. One entire wall of the bedroom is covered in custom drapery. We choose a soft geometric print linen for a graphic pop  within the space.

Re-upholstered headboard with nail head detail

We re-upholstered the existing headboard in a sumptuous pearl grey velvet and chose a soft pattern for the bedding.  We added a few accent pillows in a soft blush pink for a simple, clean look.  The nightstands were originally a dark brown wood, so we repainted them a soft French grey and added new hardware.  Stunning!

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group - Riverdale Image 3

The bench was re-upholstered in the same soft grey velvet as the headboard.  The make-up vanity is the perfect place to showcase the client’s gorgeous collection of antique silver compacts.

Our clients have fallen back in love with their bedroom. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday life they love having a sanctuary space to retreat to.

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Now that spring is FINALLY in the air (hope we didn’t just jinx it!) we thought it would be a great time to show off one of our past outdoor projects.

These clients approached Reena for help with the exterior design and furnishing of their 1400 square foot penthouse rooftop patio in the downtown Calgary neighbourhood of Eau Claire. We seldom get to flex our design muscle on such an immense, outdoor blank slate (and rarely do we need to factor high wind speeds into our plans!) so we were very excited to take on the task.

Untitled design (20)

First – a shout out to our location.  We had an incredible view from every vantage point!

These clients love to entertain and of course the patio is a prime draw in the summer.  A unique challenge with this project was creating intimate conversation spaces.  We were able to create smaller intimate spaces with the use of custom designed planters and built-ins dividing the vast square footage.

Fun turf -area rug-

AddOur biggest challenges with this project came courtesy of mother nature.  Wind speeds at this height can reach approximately  50 – 70 kms on a normal day! In the interest of safety, we had all planters, built-ins and furniture weighted with gravel or concrete to ensure nothing would blow off the top of the building.  Obviously, being a rooftop, the sun exposure is just about constant – so while we love the look of lush greenery in an outdoor space,  for practical reasons we chose high quality faux grasses and succulents.

Sit back & relax

Untitled design (24)

The space transformed from a vast expanse into a casual, yet luxurious area for entertaining and relaxing.  Looking back on this project and those stunning vistas has us waiting impatiently for summer!

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group  is widely known and recognized for casually elegant interiors that effortlessly blend classic elements with youthful energy.  Contact us for all your interior design needs!



A few weeks ago, we blogged about how this reno was not without its unique challenges (bit of an understatement!)

These lovely clients had a lifetime of beautiful antique furniture and fixtures in their home when it was severely damaged in the 2013 Calgary flood.   Every piece had at least 6” of water damage at the bottom and needed to be sent for restoration. In many cases we were able to simply re-finish or re-upholster the restored pieces to give each room a fresh and up-to-date look.  We were careful to split up all the very traditional furniture pieces into different rooms, and add new pieces that would complement them without creating overly ornate spaces.  We are so pleased with the results, and so are the clients  – they have put off their previously planned downsize, and have decided to stay.  That’s the ultimate seal of approval!

Let’s take a tour.

Bright&Light! (2)The light fixture in the front entrance was destined for the junk pile, but our principal designer Reena rescued it from a fate so unbecoming! The radiator covers were given a fresh coat of paint and, along with the antique pieces,  lend an eclectic charm to the space.  The window was originally glass brick, but was replaced for a more cohesive connection to the rest of the home.Black shades add drama! (1)Luckily, we were able to reuse all of the existing pieces in the dining room.  The walls were painted a moody shade of charcoal and we re-upholstered the dining chairs in a bold print. We also swapped out the existing white shades on the chandelier with black. Very chic!

Completely re-imagined ottomanUntitled design (16)Pre-reno, this sunroom was barely used!  We “re-furnished” it with existing pieces from all different areas of the home and now it is one of the client’s favourite spaces.  Reena fell in love with the buttercup yellow antique sofa and all the gorgeous natural sunlight that pours in through the wall of windows.  We re-used the lovely antique secretary and completely transformed the original ottoman by re-upholstering the caramel leather with grey linen and painted the dark wood legs.  Such a lovely spot to catch some Vitamin D on those long, cold winter days!

Untitled design (17)The living room is used primarily for entertaining guests, so a number of seating options were installed.  A few new pieces, such as the sofa and the chairs in the window, were purchased to compliment the lines of the existing classic furniture.  The rocking chair was an antique family piece we had recovered in a playful organic cut velvet fabric.

With a nod to the style of both yesterday and today, the Riverdale Residence is a stunning display of two eras merging.  We loved working with these clients and loved the challenge of combining traditional elements into the Reena Sotropa In House Design signature style.

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group  is widely known and recognized for casually elegant interiors that effortlessly blend classic elements with youthful energy.  Contact us for all your interior design needs!

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