Colour Harmony for a Bohemian Country Home

I don’t follow many design “rules” but there is one that I almost always adhere to. When decorating your home, there must be a common thread linking the design of the rooms together. If there is not, your home may appear to have a personality crisis! One way that me and the team of Corea Sotropa achieve this is through the use of fabrics and colour harmony. If there is a colour scheme that is used throughout a home it pulls everything together. The quantity of the colour does not have to be identical in each space, just repeating it can be enough to create this harmony. For instance, we are working on the fabrics for a client’s living room and master bedroom. We’re calling this project Bohemian Country Home since our client lives on an acreage and prefers a colourful but casual aesthetic. On the left is a photo of the fabrics we have selected for the living room. Natural textures and jewel tones are featured prominently in this scheme. The sofa will be that magnificent magenta (yes, a magenta sofa……it’s going to be ah-mazing!!!) at the top with various pillows featuring chartreuse, purple and more magenta. There will be lots of neutrals to temper this scheme and the heavy textures will make it feel relaxed. On the right are the fabrics for the master bedroom. The magenta and purple are still represented, but the chartreuse will be used more liberally on some accent chairs and pillows. We’ve used less magenta and more chartreuse, but both rooms complement one another.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress on this Bohemian Country Home and show some photos of the colourful pieces as they arrive. In the meantime, stay tuned and think about creating harmony through colour throughout your home.



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  1. Deborah
    February 6, 2014 at 5:28 pm (5 years ago)

    Very interesting. I can’t wait to see the stage come alive.

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