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As designers, we have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to design custom wall to wall carpets, area rugs and stair runners for many of our clients.  We thought it would be fun to share the design process of one of our most unique stairways. Our partners on this amazing project were our friends at Tai Ping Carpets.

The original staircase, along with most of the home was carpeted in a typical “builder basic” beige shag style carpet.  While it was functional, the wear was beginning to show and the clients were ready for something fresh.  We thought this would be a great opportunity to create a completely custom show piece and started pulling together all of the fabrics and finishes from the adjoining areas of the home. Our initial inspiration came from the Bow and Elbow rivers located in Calgary and after a conversation with the amazing team at Tai Ping, we knew we could come up with something really special.


One of the first steps (pardon the pun) in the process is selecting poms in our preferred colours (the cute little tufts of carpet). We sent this package of fabrics and finishes to the team at Tai Ping so they could match the colours to their own yarns. The artist at Tai Ping came up with a few concepts and once we settled on the exact design, a final rendering is made. This is the template and pattern of exactly how the carpet will be made. The detail is truly incredible and its hard to believe so many colours go into the design!


Once we all agree on the design and colours, a strike off (a fancy word for sample) goes into production. This takes about four weeks and they produce a 2ft x 2ft sample of part of the rug design. For this particular project we designed carpets for the entire home and wanted all of them to transition seamlessly. The main field carpet for the rest of the house is a four colour wool twist that we incorporated into the river.

When the strike off arrived in Calgary, we were were thrilled and the clients loved it.  One change that we made to the final design was to change all of the carpet pile to the same height (we didn’t want a tripping hazard). The river went into production and the finished product took about 5 months to arrive in Calgary.  The wait was worth it and it truly is a masterpiece.  This 100% wool carpet will wear like a dream as the varying textures, colours and pattern will hide the wear and tear. There is nothing else quite like this and it will always be a conversation piece for our clients.Corea-Sotropa-Interior-Design-Custom-Rug-Design-installed-custom-staircase

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