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One of Corea Sotropa Interior Design‘s very valued design team members, Ellysa just came back from a glorious week of exploration and relaxation in Tofino on Vancouver Island. This little gem of a spot is one of Canada’s treasures because of its breathtaking landscapes. Ellysa spent her time kayaking, practicing her photography and attending a yoga retreat. It was the perfect escape from the rat race of the big city. Here are her photos and thoughts on her journey…


all photos by Ellysa Evans

Jacqueline: How was your trip? What did you do?

Ellysa: I spent as much time as possible out on the ocean! I spent two days on kayak excursions exploring islands, inlets & tidal pools only accessible by kayak. At one point a group of 20 seals surrounded the boats and we floated with the tide and watched them bob around. I picnicked on Vargas Island on Medallion Beach where sand dollars get washed up after winter storms. I also attended a yoga retreat and spent time mediating in a tree house and eating the most amazing locally produced food. 

JC: You’ve been to Tofino before. What keeps calling you back?

EE: Tofino is such a beautiful little getaway that’s basically right in our backyard. It’s located right outside Pacific Rim National Park, which is Canada’s very own temperate rain forest. I love kayaking and there are endless areas to explore that are completely off the beaten track. It was also a great opportunity to entertain my curiosity for photography. 

JC: What would you say is a must-see or must-do while there?

EE: Get out on a tour to Meares Island and see the 2000 year old cedar trees. The fish is delicious on the west coast. Having fresh salmon or halibut fish n’ chips on the beach while the sun goes down over the ocean is a must-do.

JC: Did you get any design inspiration while there?

EE: Something I took away from Tofino, especially in my photos was all of the fascinating textures. Everywhere you go things are infused with intricate patterns and textures: tree rings, barnacles, the unique star-shaped patterns of star fish and sand dollars, the way the ocean carves patterns in the sand. I’m a pretty big advocate for incorporating the beauty of natural textures in design. I think it’s a simple, honest way to bring interest without over-doing the details or use of materials. 


Jacqueline & Ellysa

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