When one of our designers, Alanna Dunn said she was going to take a spring holiday to Iceland, we initially thought it an unusual choice. Turns out, Iceland is quite the hot travel destination. This island of unexplored open wilderness attracts many travellers who are looking for a destination off the beaten path. With a direct flight to Reykjavik from Edmonton, a yen for adventure,and a curiosity about geothermal springs, Alanna hopped a jet and was off to this mysterious and eerie land of ice and volcanos. Here are a few of her snapshots and her highlights….



Image-31All photos are Alanna’s own

  Jacqueline: What was the most interesting thing about Iceland? Alanna: All of the unique Icelandic landscapes. In particular I really loved Silfra. The location where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are separating.  It is full of crystal clear glacial water that sparkles like you wouldn’t believe. JC: What is the design style like in Iceland?  AD:  Iceland was settled by the Danish, and has been heavily influenced by Danish Modern design. The clean lines and simplicity of the Danish Modern style was evident in everything from the architecture and interior design to the local fashion and the style of home furnishings. JC: What would your recommend that a visitor do while in Iceland? AD: Visit the blue Lagoon, a geothermal outdoor hot pool and spa. The water is full of silica, which makes it appear opaque like blue milk! Jacqueline: What was the activity that you enjoyed the most? AD: I honestly had such an amazing trip I don’t think I could decide! If I had to pick one thing, I would say hiking to many of the natural hot springs and hot rivers.             Cheers! Jacqueline & Alanna My Calgary Interior Design firm, Corea Sotropa is known for a sophisticated but fresh approach to residential and hospitality interiors. Please get in touch for all your interior design needs!

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    Wow! Stunning photos. Loving the design destination posts.

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