A couple of weeks ago Brittany L decided to fly south for a little break from our epic winter. She joined her family in Phoenix for a week filled with warm weather, fun and ice cream! When she got back home we asked her to share her highlights so we could live vicariously through the stories of her sun-drenched, relaxing holiday. Here are a few of her snapshots and her favourite moments…


image2-2All photos are Brittany L’s own

Jacqueline: What was your favourite holiday moment?

Brittany L: It’s too hard to just choose one moment. Some highlights were zip-lining at an animal sanctuary, a day trip to Sedona, spotting Andre Agassi buying ice cream at the Phoenix Suns game, shopping at Fashion Square, and of course, laying by the pool, swimming, and eating snacks!

JC: What is your best recommendation of things to do or places to check out while in Phoenix?

BL: Dinner at P.F. Chang’s then a movie at the iPic Theatre where they have a full menu service delivered to your own personal lazy boy chair! 

JC: Did you take any design inspiration away from your trip?

BL: The design style in Arizona is so different from anything we see up here in Canada because the designs are inspired by their incredible desert landscapes. Some of the styles I saw on my trip were the Southwest, Adobe and Spanish Colonial styles. The colours reflect the soft, earthy greens, reds, and beige tones seen in the plants and rocks of the Sonoran Desert. Everything looks so warm and inviting (except for the cacti of course, haha!). Many of the homes seem as though they have just risen up out of the ground. They just look so natural. I think lots of people are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. He was known for incorporating the surrounding landscape in his work and bringing the inside out and the outside in. An interesting thing I learned is that in certain areas the amount of lighting mounted on the exterior of a home is limited so that the wildlife and natural habitats are not disturbed. 

JC: What was the most amazing thing you saw?  

BL: It would probably be seeing the beautiful red rock in Sedona. I had never been up that way before and it is just breathtaking.

JC: So it was a good trip then!?

BL: I had the best time! There really are no words that do it justice. There is just nothing like waking up every day to bright blue, sunny skies. Love it! Love it! Love it!



Jacqueline & Brittany L

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