Now that spring is FINALLY in the air (hope we didn’t just jinx it!) we thought it would be a great time to show off one of our past outdoor projects.

These clients approached Reena for help with the exterior design and furnishing of their 1400 square foot penthouse rooftop patio in the downtown Calgary neighbourhood of Eau Claire. We seldom get to flex our design muscle on such an immense, outdoor blank slate (and rarely do we need to factor high wind speeds into our plans!) so we were very excited to take on the task.

Untitled design (20)

First – a shout out to our location.  We had an incredible view from every vantage point!

These clients love to entertain and of course the patio is a prime draw in the summer.  A unique challenge with this project was creating intimate conversation spaces.  We were able to create smaller intimate spaces with the use of custom designed planters and built-ins dividing the vast square footage.

Fun turf -area rug-

AddOur biggest challenges with this project came courtesy of mother nature.  Wind speeds at this height can reach approximately  50 – 70 kms on a normal day! In the interest of safety, we had all planters, built-ins and furniture weighted with gravel or concrete to ensure nothing would blow off the top of the building.  Obviously, being a rooftop, the sun exposure is just about constant – so while we love the look of lush greenery in an outdoor space,  for practical reasons we chose high quality faux grasses and succulents.

Sit back & relax

Untitled design (24)

The space transformed from a vast expanse into a casual, yet luxurious area for entertaining and relaxing.  Looking back on this project and those stunning vistas has us waiting impatiently for summer!

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group  is widely known and recognized for casually elegant interiors that effortlessly blend classic elements with youthful energy.  Contact us for all your interior design needs!

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