First Impressions… Girly, Glamorous Dressing Room

Every once in a while, I get a little green with envy over a room or house I am designing for a client. I covet the space, and wish I could knock my house down and build the exact the same thing for myself! This is exactly how I feel about this incredibly glamourous and feminine dressing room my Calgary interior design firm is designing for an adorable client with an astounding collection of designer shoes. Our client wanted something very girly, and was inspired by the colour combination of peach and gold, used by Prada on their packaging. Here’s what we proposed…


I imagine a space with elegant shell-coloured damask wallpaper. A glamorous round banquette sofa upholstered in sumptuous peach velvet placed in the center of the room provides seating. Above it, an edgy but pretty crystal chandelier drips from the ceiling. Her shoe collection is impressive (to say the least), so we decided to treat each and every one like little treasures on display in custom built cabinets behind glass doors. Including a counter top and jewelry drawers in our millwork will help to keep this luxury closet organized. A full-length Venetian cut mirror is a must and ups the glam-factor. Our fashionista and her friends will have an incredibly luxe, glittery room to play dress-up in. If it were in my house, I think it might take me an extra hour to get ready each morning, just so that I could lounge around in here before getting dressed.

I am continuing to live vicariously through my client as we start construction on her dressing room. I can hardly wait to see everything installed and completed in this dreamy space. Stay tuned for more progress as it moves along!



Our blog series “First Impressions” gives a glimpse into the creative concepts illustrating our ideas for the design of a space we are working on. My Calgary interior design firm, Corea Sotropa Interior Design, is known for our sophisticated, but fresh approach to residential interiors. We’d love to help you with your project – please get in touch!

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