Marble and Glass Bathroom Renovation

If you ask most people what part of their house they would like to renovate, chances are the master bathroom ranks high on their list. The stress of rushing out the front door is decreased when you get to shower and primp in a pretty space first thing in the morning. Dark circles are diminished with good lighting and ample storage for makeup and hair products just makes life easier. These things were on our mind when Corea Sotropa began the renovation of a master bathroom project for a lovely return client of ours. She wanted to revamp her dark and impractical master en suite to add a little luxury to her life first thing in the morning. It was important to her that the bathroom be classic and feminine and use marble and glass. She wanted soft, delicate colours and mosaic tiles. Take a look at the finished product…


ensuite-01photography by Jager & Ko

Her brand new master bathroom now consists of a pale grey palette, mosaic glass accent tiles, marble floors, plenty of storage and the prettiest mirrored vanity and chair you ever dreamed of. We really enjoyed transforming this space for our client – it was an absolute joy. We also changed up her bedroom, so stay tuned for more pictures of that part of the project coming soon.



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