Mismatched Bedside Tables

Famous Canadian interior designer Ray Staples once said “God didn’t make trees match in the forest, and I don’t like the coffee table to match the end tables.” I loved watching Ray with her huge hats and blunt design advice on CityLine with Marilyn Denis and she inspired me to become an interior designer. This particular quote referring to matching all your wood furniture still sticks with me. There is nothing more predictable than a room filled with matching pieces in the same finish. I like to mix things up by casually using different wood species and stains and even adding an unexpected painted piece every once in a while. For this bedroom, we began with the upholstered headboard which our client already owned. The high contrast black and cream set the tone for the rest of the room. I proposed using a variety of espresso stained pieces like the dresser and the legs of most of the upholstery to match the existing headboard. Then, I threw in a couple of cream tables to reflect the light tone of the upholstery. Even the bedside tables are mismatched – one is mahogany and the other is antique cream.





may2320Photography by Lori Andrews

Mixing up your wood finishes helps create a more relaxed, welcoming feel in your home. It seems more collected and less contrived. It also adds a little personality – give it a try in your home!




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  1. ImaginationPlay
    March 26, 2014 at 4:55 pm (5 years ago)

    Wow. I love this creation!!! Love the colours scheme and the seating area is stunning! It is just what I am thinking of putting into my living room bay window. The drapes are faBBB. I also LOVE the wood mixes too. Sighhhhhhh you are all so amazing. Thanks for you wonderful inspirations.

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