Quick-tips-styling-2-Bookcase-stylingStyling bookcases stumps most people. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Starting today we’re doing a brand new series called Quick Tips which will share designer secrets. Up first is a few tips to help you tackle those tricky bookcases.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design quick tips on styling a dark bookcase

Interior design by Corea Sotropa, photography by Lori Andrews

Tip #1 – Great looking shelves showcase more than just books. Gather together framed photos, vases, boxes and other memorabilia to display.

Tip #2 – If your bookcases are dark, consider using objects that are light, metallic or colourful so they show up against the dark background.

Tip #3 – Start by stacking books on each shelf, leaving space for the other objects. Place some books upright and others laying down. Try putting an accessory on top of the horizontally placed stacks to achieve groupings that vary in height.


Jacqueline & the team of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

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