Retro Trailer Renovation

Enough already of this never-ending winter! It’s time for the warmer days of spring and looking ahead to summer adventures don’t you think? With that spirit in mind I’ve decided today to share with you a project that is all about summertime fun and one that is near and dear to my heart. It also happens to be one of the most unusual design requests Corea Sotropa has had to date!

A very dear friend of mine bought a little retro trailer for her family to use for weekend getaways and summer vacations. She asked if I could help her update the interior and bring a bit of whimsy, coziness and comfort to their wee home-away-from-home. How fun! First, I came up with a fresh, bright and happy design scheme that worked with the pea green shade of the metal interior pieces that would be refurbished. We painted, reupholstered, refinished the dining table, changed the cabinetry and added new vinyl bamboo flooring. I know some of you have been dying to see the finished product, so without further ado, here are the photos of the completed project…


This end of the camper serves as the dining area, but also converts into a double bed for mom and dad. My client’s daughter requested a blue colour palette and “squiggly patterned” fabric. I found a “squiggly” ikat for the window coverings that matched the existing green metal finish perfectly and she was thrilled!


This end of the camper shows the tiny kitchen. We rebuilt the cabinetry out of bamboo and used locking hardware so the doors would remain closed during transport.


The fabric used for the upholstery is actually indoor outdoor fabric – the kind of thing you would use for patio furniture. This just made sense since it is water-repellent, fade resistant and can take a real beating. The accent pillows double as their sleeping pillows and are covered in a quilted, washable textile.


There were some cute details in the trailer that we wanted to keep, like this perforated metal magazine holder.  It looks brand new with a fresh coat of paint! There is also a condiment tray over the dining table made of the same product. I think it’s these kind of things that make this camper charming.


The back rest of the seating area at this end flips up to form a bunk bed area for the kids. There’s lots of storage below, and it’s a cozy spot to hang out and read or relax during the daytime.

camper13Photos by Lori Andrews

As a “house-warming gift” we had these melamine monogrammed plates custom-made for our clients. They look terrific with the drapery! There are platters and bowls to match as well.

It was so much fun working on this little retro camper! It did come with its share of challenges, like selecting finishes that can handle our harsh Alberta weather, the weight of the materials we used and the stability of products (after all, it does have to be lugged around), but it was so worth the efforts. My clients really enjoyed taking it on the road last summer after it was completed and have since nicknamed it “the PeaPod”. I hope it brings them many years of warm weather fun, new adventures and cherished family memories.




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  1. Nyla
    April 3, 2014 at 9:44 am (5 years ago)

    SO charming. Looks like the perfect mix of “on-the-go” style and function. Well done!

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