If you are thinking of giving your bedroom a make-over, there is no need to start from scratch, simply add or change up your accent pillows!  Easy to do, and won’t break the bank!

Some people love the look of tons of pillows, others prefer a more minimalist approach. There are no rules – you do you!  Here are some examples of how we used accent pillows from past projects.

pillow-talk-corea-sotropa-interior-design-image-3This client loved the look of multiple accent pillows, so we used four different shapes and styles on the bed to create a layered look.  This particular bed and headboard is large enough to handle this many pillows without looking over done.


Sometimes, less is more!  These clients did not want to deal with too many pillows at the end of each day and liked a sleeker look.  A single body pillow is a great way to introduce an accent colour – and easy to replace when you crave a change!


These clients loved the look of a mixture of fun textures and patterns.  Taking our cue from the shape of the headboard, we still layered the pillow shapes and sizes, but the overall height of the pillows is much lower.  We often add a bench at the end of the bed for clients to store the pillows overnight.


These clients wanted a soft, neutral colour for their bedroom, so pillows and accessories were the simplest way to inject colour and personality into the room.

Whether you choose a simple or layered pillow look, it’s a low commitment but high impact transformation!

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