I’ve blogged often about this home, which was inspired by the idea of a NYC loft, but I’ve never mentioned that last year it was very badly damaged in the floods. It was heartbreaking to learn that water had filled the entire basement and reached a level of 3′ high on the main floor. Everything was destroyed, and it had to be gutted, cleaned out and renovated. It took quite some time to dry it out and repair it, but I am happy to report that my clients finally moved back in last week. Through the process they were resilient, brave, and had such a positive attitude. It was absolutely awe-inspiring. I was completely moved by their tenacity and ability to look on the bright side of things. We’re so happy that they are back where they belong, and that the house is better than ever.

Photos by Lori Andrews

I simply adore how the brick accents turned out in the living room. When my client requested it, I knew we needed to make sure that it seemed architectural rather than an applied finish. We designed large columns and clad them in the red brick which seem to hold up the structure. We placed mid-century modern furniture and sprinkled in a few industrial elements amongst the comfortable, family friendly transitional upholstery. For a pop of colour, we opted for purple (check out that chair!) and I just love the way it looks with the rich tones of the brick. To get a fuller picture of this home, you check out our earlier posts NY Loft Inspired Kitchen and Loft Office.



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