I’ve been neglecting the kids lately. Not my own son, just rooms designed for children featured on the blog! With Mother’s Day just behind us, I thought it a good time to focus on the kids today.

The fact is that most of our clients are busy families. We really get to know all the members of the family during a project and that is one of the best parts of our job. It’s always fun when we get the opportunity to work with the youngest in a clan to design their bedrooms. Usually, we’ll get some input from Mom & Dad first so we know what overall direction is required (they are paying for it after all!). Then we’ll meet with the youngster to get specifics on favourite hobbies, colours, characters and any sort of inspiration they might want to incorporate. Some of our little clients are pretty savvy and at times I’ve been throughly impressed with their ideas! We’ll search for some options and narrow them down before presenting a few parent approved designs for the little one to choose from. We try to pick pieces that have some longevity, and can be easily switched up as the years pass.

Below are a couple of detail shots of a boy’s and girl’s bedroom we created in the NYC Loft Inspired home. You can see more images of this house on our post NYC Loft Inspired Kitchen and Loft Office. The furniture styles are pretty contemporary, but still age appropriate. Neutral upholstered headboards and funky lighting was selected for each room. We opted to keep the characters to the accent pillows for flexibility. And it’s a good thing because the young gentleman has already ditched the Tomas the Train pillows for a baseball theme! New accent pillows for his bedroom will be arriving shortly.


Photos by Lori Andrews

Being a mom has made me a better interior designer. Now, I not only select things that are beautiful, I select things that I know will stand up to the families living with them. Having a seven-year old has taught me that. My philosophy is that a home should be designed for everyone living there, and that things can be family friendly and sophisticated at the same time. Working with children to design their own personal sanctuaries is so incredibly rewarding. Their bedrooms are the place where they get to express their personalities, hide their secrets and plan for their futures. How lucky we are as designers to be entrusted to create these precious spaces.

On a side note, I bumped into a client from several years back a couple of days ago. Her daughter (now in high school) has expressed an interest in a career in interior design. My heart almost leapt out of my chest with joy! I adored working with this family and learning that we had positively influenced this lovely girl in a small way towards this career made me feel so proud, humbled and touched at the same time. It was a great moment that I will always cherish. I hope she follows her dreams.



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