We fortunately have a lot of repeat clients who call us back to redesign their spaces after years have gone by when their homes need to be refreshed. It’s such a compliment and exciting to breathe new life into a space that you know so well. Over the years you really come to understand the house – its strengths, flaws and quirks, and in a way it becomes a part of your extended family (at least that’s the way I think of it). This next house has a slightly different scenario. We know the house like the back of our hand because we’ve been working on it since it was plywood and studs. The uniqueness of this story is that Corea Sotropa Interior Design created it for two different clients. When the home was being built we were hired to assist the original owners with the finishes selection and cabinetry design. They wanted a timeless, polished look with contemporary touches. Shortly after our clients moved in, they learned that their family would soon be growing, and as much as they loved their new home, four bedrooms upstairs were in order. Although we were thrilled with their baby news, we were admittedly a little sad that we wouldn’t get to see the project through to completion with the furniture and decor phase before the house would be put on the market. Enter our second client, a successful business executive who was looking for a residence in a central location for his family. By coincidence, he happened to be a previous Corea Sotropa client and he purchased the house because he loved its layout and style and called on us to put on the finishing touches of furniture and decor. Perfect! We would now be able to complete the entire project, from inception to accessories and see it through to completion – which is always a designer’s ideal scenario for the very best results. We’re going to be sharing several rooms from this project over the next few weeks. Today, we begin in the heart of the home, the kitchen. It features a bright, sunny dining nook and a combination of painted cabinetry and rich wood. The striped backsplash was created by alternating bands of simple subway tiles with opalescent mosaics. Take a look….

Photography by Phil Crozier

Over the years and through the different owners we’ve gotten to know the place like it’s our own. It was so fun to design it for two different families, each with their own tastes and preferences. Both of them have really enjoyed this house, its polished timelessness and the stately neighborhood of Elbow Park. But, there’s one more strange twist to this story….the house is now on sale again. The current owner’s family is also expanding and more bedrooms upstairs are required! Hmmmm….maybe Corea Sotropa will be called in for round three? Fingers crossed!



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