Welcome to 2014

Boy, have we been busy! 2013 was a blockbuster year for Corea Sotropa, filled with exciting projects, additional team members and a renovation to our office space. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that came our way and the wonderful people we met. Looking back over 2013 makes us realize how much we actually accomplished, and what still needs to be done. One of our goals in 2014 is to be more diligent at keeping you all updated on the goings on at Corea Sotropa Interior Design. It’s a busy place, and there’s lots happening! For starters, we are expanding our office space once again. We’ve been crammed in here like sardines with a few of us sharing offices, a couple of others working at desks the size of postage stamps and me peering over stacks of boxes in my quasi office storage room. We need more square footage to say the least, and that will finally be happening in the upcoming months. We also have some really interesting projects on the go that we’d like to share with you. We’ll be showing you what we are busy creating and the inspiration behind the design. Stay tuned for lots of prettiness happening! We’ll also be showcasing some of our past projects and sharing regular Tickled Pink posts highlighting our favorite design must-haves. It’s a fresh new year ahead for us filled with promise and excitement! But, before we venture into what’s ahead we thought we’d introduce you to our current team members.


From Left to right:

Brittany Alamag – Associate interior designer, spin guru, affectionately known as Bee around here

Kristin Peila – Project coordinator, administrative expert, voted best jewellery and hair at the office

Patti LaPorte – Office manager with a can-do attitude and infectious belly laugh

Reena Sotropa – Principal designer, brilliant space planner, paleo diet obsessed

Jacqueline Corea – That’s me, principal designer, fabric lover, messy desk keeper

Alanna Dunn –  Intermediate designer, on the side snowboard instructor, inventor of fun office competitions

Ellysa Evans – Associate Interior designer, tea drinker, moonlights as a baker/cookie artist master

Brittany Lothian – Intermediate designer, addicted to coca-cola, office songbird


And that’s all of us! Thanks so much for staying tuned and following our design journeys ahead.





Our Calgary Interior Design firm, Corea Sotropa is known for a sophisticated and fresh approach to residential and hospitality interiors. We’d love to help you with your projects – please get in touch!

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