Love Your Laundry Room

For some, clutter and chaos might be choice words that come to mind when you think “laundry room”. However with the right approach these multifunctional and hard-working spaces can also be beautiful and organized! With over 15 years of designing laundry rooms under our belt we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to help […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

The Murphy Bed: Aspen Ridge Loft

This week on the blog we are revisiting our #IHAspenRidgeLoft murphy bed project! This has been one of the most popular projects that we’ve had the pleasure of working on. So popular, in fact, that people reach out to us with questions about it almost every other week! This murphy bed has had articles written about […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Property Brothers & In House Sisters: Main Floor Reveal

We’re back with a Property Brothers (& In House Sisters) update! As you may recall, last July our team was invited to collaborate with Drew and Jonathan of Property Brothers on their recent series shot in our hometown of Calgary, Alberta. You can check out more details on the collaboration here, and our initial sneak-peeks here. The Calgary season […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Ania’s Baby Nursery

Hi, Everyone! If we haven’t met yet I’m Ania Dugan, one of the designers on the team at In House Design.  I wanted to share with you some exciting news and a peek into a “little something” I’ve been working on lately – My husband Michael and I found out in early December that we […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Shelf Styling: Tips & Tricks

One thing many clients ask for in their new millwork designs is the integration of open shelving. We always tell clients that including open shelving is not something we take lightly. When we design open shelving we always need to think ahead. In other words – we like to have a general idea of how […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

In House Headquarters: Winter Highlights

After what has seemed like the most frigid cold snap in Alberta history we have just started to warm up again, which means that we’re (finally) ready to share our winter highlight reel with you! Before we put this season behind us we’re going to recap our incredible winter full of renovations, features, new designs […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Interior Instagram Inspiration

This week we’re talking Instagram Inspiration, or should we say…Insta-ration! This is the social media platform that we all love to love. Instagram has created a global community that’s allowed us to access inspiring interiors and visually pleasing photographs from all over the world. Instagram also happens to be one of the ways that we […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Our Studio Space

This week we’re giving you a virtual tour of the Reena Sotropa In House Design Group studio space. We’ve had such wonderful feedback from features on our studio space with both Rue Daily and Western Living Magazine and wanted to take a bit of time to highlight a few last details of our home away from […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>

Hampton Heights: The Den

This week we are diving back into our Hampton Heights project! A few weeks ago we took you through the main floor and now it’s time to reveal the Hampton Heights Den. Previously this space was a family home office, however our clients found they hardly ever used the room, which was secluded from the rest of […] <a href="" class="post-read-more">Read more…</a>