We’re back this week with our #IHBriarHill project! Last week we took a peek at the main floor, and this week we’re making our way up to the stunning Master Bathroom.

We pulled our initial inspiration from a photo that our clients showed us which featured a bathroom that had cedar tongue and groove paneling. They loved the look so we added it behind the tub and used that as the starting point for our design.

[left][/left] [right][/right]


We also added the wood detailing behind the floating vanity to balance the strength of the tub elevation. A floating vanity can take away from the amount of storage space in the bathroom but we devised a clever solution. We added the mirrored custom-made medicine cabinets above both sinks which provided our clients with so much extra storage, without the visual clutter!


[left]Generally, a freestanding tub is placed in front of a window by the architect so Reena had some fun playing with this unusual layout (right). She felt that it was important to maintain perfect symmetry with the tub elevation.

The focus on the tub elevation is actually quite ironic…our clients hate to bath! They only chose to include a bathtub for resale value. So, how do they get squeaky clean? They use the enormous steam shower that sits just behind the tub!

[/left] [right][/right]

The light fixture above the bathtub is a fun nod to bubbles in a bubble bath.


There is a consistent minimal theme in this home. There are intentionally no casings around the windows, there is no drapery, and a minimal amount of trim was used in this space. Alternatively, the bathroom window is frosted to maintain privacy and Reena chose to substitute the baseboard with a continuation of floor tile.

We worked really hard to create a home that felt modern but, at the same time, warm and welcoming and this master bathroom was no exception! The spare nature of the fixtures, vanity and flooring, paired with the wood, works in perfect harmony with the rest of the house.


Stay tuned because up next for our #IHBriarHill project will be the dreamy loft in this cozy, modern oasis!