Design Development - Nursery Gallery Wall

Gallery walls take a lot of planning. We are in the midst of creating a gallery wall for a nursery we are designing. The art budget for this project is tight, so we are opting for prints from Etsy and Serena & Lily in our colour scheme all framed in basic white Ikea frames. For the layout, we plan on lining up the top, bottom and sides of the frames to create a rectangle. Luckily, many of the prints we are ordering come in a variety of sizes, so we are able to get the right size and shape to fit our layout We also drew up an elevation that we will dimension so the installation goes smoothly. Here’s the concept drawing we showed our client which also highlights the accent fabrics for the day bed.

Image 1

Gallery walls are very popular amongst our clients. They are a great way to display your favourite collections, family photos or to fill up an empty wall. Here are my top tips for gallery walls if you are planning on installing your own:

1) Decide on the pieces you wish to display together. Your gallery does not have to be strictly one type of artwork. Try incorporating a favourite memento, child’s artwork, postcards, graphic letters or text in combination with photography and original or printed art. Unique pieces will add an unexpected twist to your grouping.

2) If all of your wall art is identical in colour and style (for instance black and white photography) frame everything identically. If you decide on an eclectic mix, frame each piece to best complement the art. If there are several items that are related within the mix, frame them identically, but frame the unique pieces in a standout way.

4) Layout your pattern before hammering into the walls (seems simple, but it’s a marriage saver!). An elevation works best, but you can also arrange the photos on the floor. Always sketch out your arrangement with dimensions of how much space is in between each piece before getting started. Try to keep only a few inches of space between each frame. Start hanging the central frames and work your way out.

5) Make the composition balanced. Try keeping the pieces that carry more visual weight on the bottom of the arrangement to ground the entire grouping.



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