You know that feeling you get when you know something’s just not right, but you can’t put your finger on the problem? Well, sometimes you just have to call in the professionals! Our client had just finished a fairly substantial refresh of her home and was part way through the process of furnishing when she sounded the alarm. She didn’t feel entirely satisfied with her results, so instead of continuing on and potentially making costly mistakes, she called us to help. In the end she was completely thrilled with the way it turned out!

Let’s take a look inside the Discovery Ridge Residence Living Room project designed by Reena Sotropa.

Our main objective with this space was to add to the existing California-Cool vibe that our client had set out to create. One of the key challenges that Reena had identified early in the process was that the rug selected was not large enough for the furniture arrangement; however, the pattern and texture of the rug worked perfectly! We ordered a larger, sisal rug to layer under the existing rug to properly fill the space. Reena selected accessories made of natural materials and varying textures, like stone and petrified wood, to compliment the sisal rug.

The art took the longest to source because of it’s size, and the process of having it dry-mounted and custom framed was well worth the wait!

When our client called us, the shelving in the living room was bare. We opted to style the shelves with an informal and laid-back look. To fill the vast expanse of open-shelving we ordered coverless books from Books by the Foot to use as a foundational object amongst the gorgeous accessories. As well, we decided to change the hardware on the millwork to support our combination of mixed metals within the room.

We decided to fill this tricky corner with a substantial banana leaf tree. The stunning vessel that holds the tree was custom made by Mercedes and Singh. To bring this area of the room together we layered the plant with a custom designed oversized oval mirror framed in leather and created by Zach Paul Leather!

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