This week we are diving back into our Hampton Heights project! A few weeks ago we took you through the main floor and now it’s time to reveal the Hampton Heights Den.

Previously this space was a family home office, however our clients found they hardly ever used the room, which was secluded from the rest of their home on the second floor. When our client called us she dreamed of transforming this seldom used space into a personal office and lounge for herself.

Our client’s vision was to have a dedicated area in her home designed just for her. She wanted to be able to work, relax and unwind all in one room.

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Originally, the space was filled with oversized, heavy furniture so we wanted to create a bright and feminine environment for the lady of the house to thoroughly enjoy. With an abundance of layered textures we gave the space an added bohemian edge.

The only thing we used from the previous office space was the original desk (pictured above and below) which was dark and traditional in its detailing. We chose to transform it into a bold statement piece and had it lacquered in a pink blush!

This previously barley-used room is now a space that the entire family finds themselves spending time in. We are so in love with the way this den turned out and, just as we’d hoped, so are our clients!