This is definitely the first blog post of its kind on the In House Design Group blog. We’ve kept the final photos under wraps until sharing them with our friends at Lonny Magazine last week!

Our clients, three brothers, contacted us to help with the design of their new dental practice in the Legacy neighbourhood of Calgary. Their dream for Legacy Dental Care was a stylish space with a “residential feel” and the rest of the creative liberty they left to us!

We had a ton of fun designing the details in this office! We wanted to create a colourful and cheeky (how punny are we?) personality for the clinic throughout. Our approach was to design a welcoming and stylist dental clinic, unlike anything we’d ever experienced. The tone of the reception area was bold, fresh and approachable – just like the people that worked inside!

In exchange of a stuffy row of vinyl chairs, we decided to create a living room in lieu of a waiting room with a conversational seating arrangement by incorporating more familiar materials that you’d typically see in a home setting (leather, wool, wicker, marble etc.).

Right off of the entry door is a large expanse of mosaic tile. We took this opportunity to implement a hex-tile design, a feature that our senior designer Alanna lives for, with a graphic “SMILE” written in the floor!

In keeping with the theme we used a mix of black nero marble, to provide a cool edge, and natural walnut millwork, to provide a friendly warmth, throughout the reception/waiting area. The same natural walnut is carried through to each operatory room.

[left][/left] [right][/right]

All of the operatory rooms branched off from a single hallway. We used this opportunity to create symmetry and repetition with black painted garden doors and custom walnut millwork niches. We styled each of the five niches down this hallway with a mix of neutral textures and punctuated the end of the hall with a bold green botanical wallpaper!

On the topic of wallpaper, we wrapped the walls of the pan room with a graphic Dalmatian print to give the, otherwise, sterile medical room a more approachable feeling.

[left][/left] [right][/right]

One of our favourite and most quirky elements of each of the operatory and consultation rooms is the series of prints that we had installed. At first glance they appear to be floral prints, but with a closer look you’ll see that they’re actually anatomical drawings of jaws, teeth, and dental tools!

We don’t know about you, but we’re actually excited to go to the dentist now! Legacy Dental Care is now open in South Calgary for patients of all ages. 

…What’s the award for being the best dentist? A little plaque! HA.