For some, clutter and chaos might be choice words that come to mind when you think “laundry room”. However with the right approach these multifunctional and hard-working spaces can also be beautiful and organized! With over 15 years of designing laundry rooms under our belt we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you reclaim your laundry room (and maybe even enjoy it again):


We would argue that counter space is one of the most valuable assets of a laundry room. Select a durable counter surface material such as quartz for your laundry room, and wherever you can, maximize the amount of counter surface throughout.


Built-in millwork helps you hide away any clutter keeping your space clean and organized. Pro Tip: Store laundry baskets in open ‘cubbies’ to provide easy access for the whole family.


Don’t skimp on your sink! While it may seem like a good place to save a bit of your budget with a smaller sink, we would argue that a laundry room sink it the hardest working sink in a home. From watering your plants to bathing your four legged friend, choosing a larger and more durable sink will certainly come in handy in your laundry space!


The trend of doubling up your washers and dryers is one that we are definitely on board with! Time efficiency is the goal in this situation. You’re able to get through twice the amount of laundry in the same time which means more time for you.

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