If you’ve ever been to our Instagram page and wondered, “who curates this beautiful feed?” then the cat’s out of the bag (and she’s probably cuddling it)…meet Alanna! Managing our social media accounts, together with Reena, is merely the tip of the iceberg for our hard-working and dedicated senior designer.

Alanna is a born and bred Red Deer gal and in her own word’s she’s “Red Deer’s biggest fan!” Before Alanna came into our lives she worked at a commercial architecture firm where she was a junior interior designer. Alanna celebrated her fifth summer with us and we couldn’t be more fortunate to have her on our team! She is a talented go-getter who has perfected the art of managing a project from start to finish while paying extra attention to every last detail.

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Not only is Alanna a total girl boss, she is also an excellent mentor to the juniors. She’s an asset to our newest design staff and is always helping to guide and educate them to achieve our look!

Here are some fun facts about Alanna:

Alanna designs and project manages many of our large renovation projects. Her favourite thing about being an interior designer is her interaction with the clients and of course, the patterns. Her obsession with tiles has led to her ability to create beautiful tile elevations like no other! One of Alanna’s favourite projects that she currently has her hands on is the #IHMardaLoop project.



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All of the reasons that we love Alanna are the reasons that you’ll love her too. She is the office DJ and simultaneously one of Justin Bieber’s biggest Beliebers. When she isn’t jamming to the Biebs, she’s blasting Cher. Or Elton John. Alanna loves to travel and since she’s been with us she’s been to far off places such as Iceland, Hawaii, Switzerland, Pittsburg, New York City and she doesn’t plan on stopping there! As if she wasn’t cool enough already, she also plays the piano and guitar. She is exceptionally great at telling her past weekend experiences, and Ania has begged her on multiple occasions to start her own blog because they’re so funny!

That’s our Alanna and we really, truly don’t know what we’d do without her! The In House Design team is fortunate to work with such an amazing person and talented designer.

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