A lot goes on behind the scenes here at In House Design Headquarters.  We are a VERY busy Calgary Interior Design firm  and one lady holds it all together for us – our Office Manager Patti.  When you call us, it’s usually Patti’s cheerful voice that answers.  Need a gallery wall done?  Patti’s your girl!

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group - Meet Patti! Image 1

Patti’s official job title is “Office Manager”, but her actual role far, far exceeds that! She is our office “mom” – she keeps us all on track, keeps us organized and is a superb personal motivator and cheerleader for each of our team members. Patti  has a Diploma of Interior Design from Mount Royal College, so we often recruit her to help us source materials and  style spaces.  She is also a whiz with flowers and we recruit her to make most of the arrangements for our photoshoots.

Outside of the office, Patti loves staging her friend’s homes, ensuring a quick sale! She loves eating at her all time favorite restaurant “The Nash” with her “Honey Bunny” (husband) Dave, and spending time with her two kids and two cats. She is obsessed with these yogurt cups sold at the market on the main floor of our building – but the reason she is obsessed is not the taste but the tiny packaging. We currently have two dozen tiny glass cups stored on the shelf in our storage room just in case any of us take up canning…

Here are a few more fun “Patti facts”:Patti is a multi-tasker extraordinaire, fiercely loyal, and has talked her way into more “employees only” stockrooms at HomeSense/Winners than anyone we know.  We are so proud and thankful to have Patti as part of our team!

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