We’ve been so excited to share more from our collaboration with Drew and Jonathan of the Property Brothers, and we’re finally able to give you a sneak peek!

Property Brothers Buying and Selling follows twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott as they help homeowners take the next step “up the real-estate ladder”. Their mission? Jonathan renovates the family’s existing home for a successful sale, while Drew scopes out the best options for the family’s new digs.

For our inner-city family home, we carefully curated a palette of finishes and furnishing alongside Jonathan Scott. Inspired by natural textures, we chose to layer tone on tone materials throughout the house. One of the main focuses of this project was to brighten up the space. With this notion in mind, we focused on selecting mostly white pieces and used brass touches throughout the home to warm it up.

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We approached this renovation as a team, just like we do with all of our projects #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork! Just like any well-oiled machine we knew that the coordination of many tasks was the key to this project’s success. Reena and Alanna spearheaded the space planning and finish selections, while Ania and Sarah took on the role of organizing schedules/specifications, and Patti took responsibility for managing the home accessories.

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That’s all that we can give away for now, but stay tuned because it’s only a matter of time before the show hits the air and you can see the final design for yourself!