One thing many clients ask for in their new millwork designs is the integration of open shelving. We always tell clients that including open shelving is not something we take lightly. When we design open shelving we always need to think ahead. In other words – we like to have a general idea of how we’re going to fill the shelves before we even get started. We like to joke that open shelves can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how you choose to style your home.

We’ve compiled our team’s favourite tricks to tackling open shelf styling to help you turn your cursed shelving into a blessing in disguise:



Layering pieces in the foreground of the shelf adds dimension to the installation. Try bringing a taller plant or piece of art in front of the shelving unit to create depth and height.



Displaying a collection of glass objects behind glass doors is a perfect way to add texture and sparkle to a space without creating distraction!




You can layer small prints behind your accessories to create depth and as a way to anchor a group of smaller items!




When styling your accessories try to stay within the same colour palette as the rest of the room. This will help reduce visual clutter!



Try stacking books in mass both vertically and horizontally. This is an effective way to give the illusion of a full bookshelf without making it look unkept.



Finding a way to group multiple small items together can be a challenge. Our solution is often to incorporate a neutral tray to organize all of these items into one visual mass!



Sometimes, less is more! Leaving negative space within open shelves helps to set a calm tone, minimizes visual clutter and brings balance to the overall composition.



Try balancing organic and geometric shapes to create visual harmony with your styling!


We love sharing tips and tricks with you! Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see featured on the blog. Follow along with all of our new and exciting projects over on Instagram!

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