This week on the blog we want to show you how small changes can make a big impact!

Our clients, a busy family of six, knew from the time that they originally designed their house that they would eventually have to go back and renovate the mudroom. As the children grew and got into school, sports and extra-curricular activities, the original storage solutions were no longer working and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the mudroom organized.

In designing the new space, it was important to our client that each of the kids had their own specific storage space,  but also a dedicated space for mum and dad, too! Given all of this information, Reena and Ania got to work…

[left][/left] [right][/right]

The actual footprint of the mudroom was not huge, so you can imagine how challenging it was creating storage space for six family members. The solution? We decided to shift the door accessing the attached garage over just enough to accommodate a narrow full-height shelving unit, making room for seven and a half feet of additional storage (pictured on the plan above).

The small revisions to the floorplan may seem minor but moving the door just a few inches made a major impact on the storage front!

To inspire the space, we put together this palette to present to our clients. They loved it even more than we did:  

When we revised the location of the garage door we were able to create a large built-in storage unit with sliding doors for boots and shoes.

[left][/left] [right][/right]

Now, what’s the sense of having a mudroom if you can’t even get it dirty!? The floor tile we selected was chosen specifically for its patina to help hide footprints and dirt.

The new mudroom tile is in at #IHSpringbank 😍😍😍

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