The season of gifting is upon us and we thought that it was the perfect time to open up our #InHouseInYOURHouse Shop to you! Listed below are items that we have tried, loved and that we’re now selling in our shop.

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Jar of 60 long burning match sticks | $30.00 each

These custom Reena Sotropa In House Design Group Matchsticks not only look absolutely perfect on your mantel but they work like a charm, too. C’mon baby, light YOUR fire!

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Macron Trinket Box | $10.00 each

Use these adorable macron trinket boxes to add a pop of decorative colour to your home or to surprise someone you love with a special little something. I know they look yummy but we wouldn’t advise taking a bite!

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Gilded Hand Dish – $20.00

This glamorous gold hand dish looks amazing with just about anything in it. It’s a perfect place to keep your special jewellery or you can get creative and hang it on your wall. High-five!

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Juju Hat | Small – $390.00 | Large – $450.00

Juju hats were originally worn by royal dancers during Bamileke Tribal ceremonies and symbolize prosperity and positivity. They also happen to look gorgeous hanging on a wall. Show us how you’ll style yours!

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Quartz Crystals – Prices Vary on Size

These crystal clear beauties are the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle into any colour scheme! With various shapes and sizes available, they’re great for styling bookshelves and coffee tables.

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Fur Pom Pom Pillows | $140.00 each

Our Fur Pom Pom Pillows add just the right amount of fun to any home! They’re practical, comfy and cute and make an amazing addition to any couch or bed. Available in black and white.

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Selenite Sticks (10) – $60.00

These elegant crystals are silky white in colour and generate a sense of peace and clarity in any room. They can be styled in a jar, as pictured above, or simply placed on a shelf. The pattern of the selenite can add texture to your space!

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Pineapple with Blush Top – $60.00

A brand new take on your traditional pineapple! These ceramic pineapples are a gorgeous blend of class and funk, with a touch of femininity. A pineapple fruit symbolizes warmth, hospitality and friendship which makes this piece perfect for any home!


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Send us an email at or call 403. 686. 8488 to let us know when you’d like to pop in and browse the shop. We can’t wait to see you!