Every project has a story – interesting tidbits from behind the scenes on how the house became what it is today. Some projects have more than one story to share. This is just the case with the home we affectionately call “Polished Elbow Park”. I’ve blogged about how we actually designed this house for two different owners in “Polished Elbow Park Kitchen” and talked about how the basement was flooded and redeveloped in ” Polished Elbow Park Media Room“. But this beautiful home has another secret which I want to share with you today that I think you will find hard to believe…

When my client approached me to furnish and finish off his home we planned on a timeline of approximately three months. Typically furniture and decor takes a minimum of four months to design, get manufactured and shipped, so three months would be a crunch. We began designing at breakneck speed with this deadline in mind. A week passed and my client called me, asking if there was anything we could do to speed up the process. They had no furniture currently and it just didn’t feel like home for the family. The kids were miserable and he wondered if there was any way I could work some magic and get it done faster – they just couldn’t wait. I love a challenge, so after discussing the options with him, I hung up the phone, came out of my office and announced to my design team at Corea Sotropa we had one week to completely furnish this house, top to bottom. After everyone’s jaws were picked up off the floor, we got to work – shopping! We would shop for all the pieces of furniture from the friendly furniture stores that we knew would be able to help us out and sell from their inventory. One week later we had everything installed, and when my client walked in the door after work that day, his house looked like a home. He loved every last detail! Here’s the living room…

Living Room1 Living Room2 Living Room3 Living Room4

Photos by Phil Crozier




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