We’re back with more from the gorgeous Silverhorn estate showhome designed for our friends at Maillot Homes, and here we are with the *drum roll please*KITCHEN REVEAL! 

People often ask us if this home has four kitchens, and the answer would technically be “yes” but we would answer “no”’. This home has one formal kitchen, along with a pantry kitchen, butler’s kitchen and bar kitchen – which we promise to share with you soon!

THIS KITCHEN IS MASSIVE (this sentence requires the use of a bold font and caps lock). To put things into perspective, the island itself is 16 feet long which is about 2.5 times the length of a queen-sized bed! Sometimes having so much space can actually be a design obstacle. The large footprint of this kitchen provided a constant challenge to bring the design back to a more personal scale. For example, we easily could have fit five pendant lights over the island but decided on three to reinforce simplicity. 


With such a large space we knew that we needed to break up the millwork finishes.

We chose to paint the perimeter millwork the same colour as the trim seen throughout the main floor. We then utilized the gray oak stain colour, used in the adjacent stairwell, on both the island and the built-in storage unit pictured above.


Do you see the beautiful scalloped edge detail of the backsplash? Easy-peasy right? Think again.

Instead of using a traditional tile design we chose to continue the marble counter surface up the wall with a scalloped edge detail. This detail was extremely tedious to execute and had Alanna calculating the radius of every single curve in the scalloped edge!


Another show-stopping detail in the kitchen is the custom hood fan! The concept for this piece was developed over time as millwork and backsplash designs came together. When we were finally ready to execute the hood fan project, we spent an entire morning at the IJC Coppersmithing workshop selecting finishes, trims and mocking up the design with the talented father-son duo who run the workshop. We are so proud of the way this piece turned out!


The kitchen nook is completely open onto the kitchen space. We wanted the nook to maintain a harmonious vibe with the kitchen while simultaneously giving it it’s own personality. We achieved this by carrying the same flooring and wall colour into the space, but added a funky vintage dining table that we sourced from Uniquities.

Story Time: We needed a huge square area rug and we were having trouble finding the right size to fit our budget, so we called on our old reliable friend, IKEA to do the job! This area rug is actually two IKEA rugs layered over one another to create the illusion of one large square rug. Now that’s what we call an #IKEAHACK! We wanted simple and soft art for the large grid wall installation and with the help of Calgarian, Sarah Swanson, our dreams came true! We commissioned Sarah for 12 custom pieces just for us.

All of our #KitchenGoals came to life with the #IHSilverhorn kitchen! We are so proud of this home and the fact that we were able to pour ourselves into every single detail. If you haven’t yet, check out this beautiful project which was featured in the June issue of House and Home Magazine!

We’re not quite done yet, so stay tuned as there’s more to come from this fabulous home.