We promised to show you more from this gorgeous Wentworth Estate project, and today we’re going to do just that! Welcome to the home office makeover designed by Alanna, our talented senior designer. Our client was yearning for a space where she could relax and escape from the day-to-day stresses of life and we stepped in to make those dreams come true.

The first thing that we were absolutely sure of was that the yellow wall paint that previously existed in the office had to go (check it out below). The goal for the office was to create a light and feminine atmosphere so we selected a soft and sparkly wallcovering for all the walls in the room. Nothing quite says feminine like sparkle!


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Our client worked with her millworker to build the additional storage space in her office that you see featured below.

We added an upholstered tack board into the open shelving to help organize the paper clutter. The soft mint tone from the fabric of the tack board was then used as an accent throughout the entire room. The mint tone was brought into play through the velvet on the side of the chairs and again in the drapery.


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As we mentioned in our previous Wentworth Estate blog – our client adores all things that sparkle. We used gold accents to warm up the space and to give it the brilliance that it deserved! Then to offset the glitz and glam, the shelves were styled sparingly with a blend of neutral objects in various textures.

The original office space consisted of mix and match furniture that was seldom used by anyone in the house. Since the renovation was completed this space has become an area that sees a lot more traffic. Both our client and her teenage daughter now utilize the office to its full potential!

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